Cheap “Champagnes”: Bubbly, Sparkling Wines Under $20

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 11:41 PM, Feb 13, 2018 Updated: 9:06 AM, Jul 5, 2018

The price for great-tasting, quality sparkling wines shouldn’t leave you heart broken. We all know good bubbly doesn’t come cheap, so consumer expert Lisa Lee Freeman teamed up with Wine Authorities’ Mark Masime to find sparkling steals for less than $20.

1. Berberana Gran Tradición Cava Brut

Your first option of sparkling wine from Spain is an excellent value. It’s made in the same method as traditional wines, but it’s just made outside of the champagne region. This Cava Brut is medium-bodied with simple lime and saline aromas. The best part? The price of course, at only $10.99 per bottle.

2. Jacqueline Leonne Brut

Next, we have international quality at a home-grown cost. Jacqueline Leonne Brut is a French-inspired wine, characterized with the flavors of a crisp green apple, and an overall amazing balance. It’s a crowd-pleaser,  and for $15? Lovely!

3. Louis Bouillot Perle d’Aurore Brut Rosé

Finally, pop a bottle that’s pretty in pink. This is Wine Authorities’ best-selling sparkling rosé. It comes from a region just outside of Champagne, France, and features sophisticated cherry and strawberry notes of flavor with a dry, creamy finish. So, $18.99 for a Louis Bouillot rose is fantastic wine.

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