Cheap Textbooks: 5 Best Places to Buy & Rent School Books for Cheap

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 2:35 PM, Aug 15, 2018 Updated: 4:08 PM, Aug 15, 2018

You’ve paid the tuition. You’ve paid for the dorm. You’ve paid for the meal plan. All done, right? Nope! Next comes school books. Online vendors are competing for your business, so The List is rounding up the best ways to save money on cheap textbooks.


1. Amazon


Get cheap textbooks fast with Amazon Prime Student, which has all the benefits of regular Prime with a six month free trial, and half price from then on. Based on sheer volume, Amazon’s prices are among the best, and they also have a huge selection of eTextbooks, which include features physical books don’t have.


2. Barnes & Noble


Another place to get cheap textbooks? Barnes & Noble! Like Amazon, they offer a huge selection and competitive prices. Plus, you’ll get free shipping on new school books. Or if you really couldn’t care less if they were used, you can save up to ninety percent on used textbooks.


3. AbeBooks


Smaller vendors have found some interesting ways to compete with the big guys selling cheap textbooks. For instance, offers international editions. These school books are usually significantly less expensive than ones published in the U.S., offering tremendous value. International edition textbooks are created to be in different regions, and are often printed on cheaper paper, and are usually soft cover.


4. CampusBooks.Com is an aggregator that compares prices from over 40 bookstores and marketplaces and carries all the usual options. This website says they compare prices on new, used, rentals, and eBooks.


5. – Cheap Textbooks & More!


Finally, there’s Chegg, which sets itself apart by offering way more than just books to buy or rent. A subscription service that runs $15 a month, Chegg Study uses live tutors instead of machine queries. Chegg’s tutors can offer help with anything from math homework to grammar.


Once you know what school books you need, shop all these services and compare. Whether you get ’em used or new, now you know of five ways to get cheap textbooks.


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