Cheap Yet Tasty Wines: 3 Red Wines Under $10

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 11:20 PM, Feb 8, 2018

Finding good red wine under $10 doesn't have to be "red-iculous!" Consumer expert Lisa Lee Freeman joined forces with Mark Massimi from Total Wine & More to uncork the top reds with the best value – all under $10. 

1. Red Blends 

If you're new to wine-drinking, chances are you'll head straight into the red blend aisle. There you'll find super affordable options, one of the best of which is Total Wine & More's Witching Hour Red Blend. At only $6.99, someone might think, "whoa – that's so cheap, it can't be good!" But don't be fooled, as the grape quality in this vino is top-notch and offers spectacular flavor. 

2. Cabernet 

When thinking about finding a bargain for your wine, you might not think of cabs as an option. However, Martin's Pick Up Cabernet happens to be a delicious wine at a fantastic price. For only $6.99, experience a punch in flavor derived from Australian ingredients. A rich, bold, berry flavor for less than $10? Can't go wrong! 

3. Bordeaux 

You don't always find a Bordeaux at a reasonable price, but this one is sure to delight any bargain seeker. Chateau Bellevue Bordeaux is perfect for those who are a little more experienced in the wine-drinking department. At only $9.99, it will give you dry, subtle, pretty aromatics — plus beautiful color and an overall pleasant taste. 

The only thing better than scrumptious food that won't make you fat is wine that won't break the bank!

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