Chocolate & BBQ!? 6 newest Hershey candy flavors

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 2:23 AM, Apr 24, 2017

Twizzlers are a classic movie favorite and salty Paydays would be a frequent impulse buy at the grocery store. But how would you feel about Twizzlers with orange cream? Or key lime pie cream? Or Paydays made with….barbecue sauce?! These are just some of the new twists Hershey's is putting on some classic candy choices as part of their limited edition "Discover Flavors of America" summer campaign. Check out those and the other 4 Hershey's candies getting a wanderlust twist.

1. Flavor of Florida: Orange Cream Pop & Key Lime Pie Twizzlers

This isn't the first time Twizzlers have filled their classic twists with tasty fillings, from sweet to sour to strawberry lemonade. But things get a coastal spin when Hershey's takes classic flavors of a summer in Florida and combine them with the natural goodness of their Twizzlers.

Florida is known for it's Key Limes so Hershey's decided it'd be the perfect flavor to help candy enthusiasts experience and discover the tastes of the Sunshine State. We've been pretty surprised by some of the crazy Twizzlers flavors in the past so we're open minded about these…but they are interesting to say the least.

2. Flavor of California: Strawberry Kit Kats

Aside from being know for its beaches and beautiful celebrities, California is also known for its delicious strawberries, which is why Hershey's decided to celebrate the state with a release of strawberry flavored Kit Kat bars. This flavor seems pretty delicious to us and we're more surprised that it's taken so long for this tasty mix to hit stores.

Check out this review of the new Kit Kats from to see if they sound tasty enough to try. But this is like a dream come true for this Kit Kat loving author. Before this, the only way to get strawberry Kit Kats was to order them from Japan. Japan! And shipping is expensive, people.

3. Flavor of Texas: BBQ Payday

Texas is known as the home of BBQ so it's only fitting that to celebrate the Lone Star State, Hershey's made a candy bar featuring the smoky taste of your favorite BBQ sauces. While a candy bar won't get you as messy as a traditional Texas BBQ might, you'll still be able to fill your mesquite-y fix with one of these babies…at least we hope so.

4. Flavor of New York: Cherry Cheesecake Cookie Bar

You can't talk about traveling across America for flavor without including The Big Apple. From pizza to sandwiches to sweets, NYC is one of the greatest destinations for a traveling foodie. One of the greatest things to be made in New York City? Cheesecake, one of the most beautiful words in the English language.

To celebrate the thick bakery delights found in NYC, Hershey's decided that a cherry cheesecake flavor would best represent the sweet side of the city. Did we mention the bar comes with cookie bits? Thank. Goodness. And don't worry cheesecake aficionados: Junkbanter reviewed these too.

5. Flavor of Georgia: Honey Roasted Reese's

Now the delicious combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter are better than ever with the addition of honey roasted flavor as sweet as Georgia. It might be known as The Peach State, but a lot of honey is made in Georgia, hence Hershey's celebration of the state by adding this perfect flavoring to your favorite peanut butter cups. Learn a little about bees and more about the Honey Roasted Reese's flavor with this review.

6. Flavor of Hawaii: Coconut Almond Kisses

No, not the kisses your crush probably gives! Hershey's Kisses, silly! To add a bit of island flair to the candy flavors across America tour, Hershey's switched up their Kisses by making coconut flavored kisses with almonds inside – talk about a vacation in a wrapper!

If these tasty flavors and their respective states have got you itching to know what it's like to party and chow down on tasty Hershey's treats in the cities these new flavors represent, stop by their Flavors of America website to see videos from travel bloggers seeing the sites in each of the flavor states.

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