Pick the Perfect Career Based on Your Birth Order

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By: Meredith Witthar | Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 10:34 AM, Jul 31, 2018 Updated: 10:48 PM, Jan 4, 2022

New studies are suggesting that your success in life may be influenced by your birth order, so you might want to thank your parents for that career path. But to find out what work you’re likely to have, The List turned to internationally-known Psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman. He’s helping us learn what job you should have based on your birth order. 

1. The First-Born 

If you’re a first-born child, media and entertainment is your thing. Whether it’s radio or TV, some of the most famous first-borns include Oprah Winfrey and Walter Cronkite. But they’re not only news anchors, they’re also engineers and astronauts.  

2. The Middle Child 

Middle children are the peace makers. They tend to go towards career paths like education, social work, and public services.  

3. The Baby 

And finally, we’ll end on the attention-craving, loudmouth babies. “The babies of the family tend to be great with people,” Leman explains. “They can be manipulative, outgoing, and tend to do extremely well in sales.” They also take to the limelight. Most famous comedians are in fact, babies. 

4. Only Child 

Typically, you’re a high achiever, and as a child acted like a tiny adult because you spent so much time around them. These children end up for the most part in law enforcement, IT departments, nursing or engineering. 

5. Twins 

When it comes to twins, you of course have a bond with your sibling, and have a much better chance of ending up in a career where you work with them. There’s a high chance you’ll be an entrepreneur. Famous examples include Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen and Tia and Tamera Mowly.  

On the flip side, twins can also end up being a “competitor and companion,” meaning one will always know who was born first, even if it’s just by a few minutes. In that case, one twin will act more like a firstborn, and the second-born twin will act like the baby of the family; each will lean toward careers associated with those birth orders.

6. Adopted 

Adopted children depend on the age of adoption. If they’re adopted as babies, they usually assimilate into the birth order of the family, so if there are already two children, they’ll become the baby of the family. If they’re adopted older, then they’ll have whatever birth order of their foster home or previous family, so they’ll go for jobs that go with that birth order. 

Who would’ve thought that our life could be determined by more than just our personality and experiences? It turns out a lot of different factors and circumstances go into determining what you’ll do for a living. 

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