Chuckle & Chop: 3 of the funniest cooking tutorials

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:30 PM, Jun 6, 2017

You don't have to read a fancy chef's recipe book or figure out the right scent goat cheese has to be good at cooking: You just need to find the right cooking tutorial for you. With You Suck At Cooking's tutorials, you learn how to make easy, tasty foods, while also being taught how to bond with your food, and bring the best out of it, despite its cocky behavior:

If this tutorial spoke to you in ways you could finally understand, You Suck At Cooking might be the tutorial sensei for you. Take a look at his other series of tutorials for everyday life skills (you probably won't ever need), now available on Fullscreen. And if you need more goofy tutorials to making good food, check out these vids that'll show you how to make Muppet-approved popcorn, an elegant dish with an every day Joe, and potatoes you can drop like they're hot.

1. Recipes with The Swedish Chef

We've been seeing The Swedish Chef making delicious meals for our favorite Muppets for years. Now, we finally get to learn how to make some of those recipes…just try to avoid replicating the mayhem he creates in your kitchen.

2. Weber Cooks – Chili & Cheese Nacho Dip

Anyone at any ability can make tasty food. Just use ingredients you love, like Weber does with his gourmet chili and cheese nacho dip. If you don't like the recipe, at least you'll be able to say you can make something slightly more intricate than this…

3. Snoop And Martha Make Potatoes

In one of the greatest gifts to pop culture, ever, Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart have become BFFs which means videos of the two making delicious recipes on her show, with hilarious commentary.

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