Cold Shower Therapy: 3 Ways to Decompress with Positive Stress

By: Meredith Witthar | Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 5:27 PM, Mar 13, 2018

More and more of the tech elites in Silicon Valley are using "positive stress" to push themselves further. But how can you incorporate that into your everyday life? We spoke with Joel Runyon, founder of Impossible, to learn more. Joel’s company is all about helping people push their limits, and now he’s sharing three ways you can do the same!


1. Get Uncomfortable

Joel says the first step to making stress positive is to get uncomfortable. "I think a lot of people are conditioned to avoid stress to kind of seek comfort and go after the things that are easy,” he shares. Joel calls his method of becoming uncomfortable "cold shower therapy." This simply involves taking a cold shower for a least five minutes to start your day off right. It's all about training your body and mind to accept a level of stress you're not used to. Who knew you could freeze your way to success?


2. Push Your Limit

The next step is to push your limits! “One of the reasons I focus so much on physical challenges is there's something that happens biologically when you're pushing yourself,” reveals Joel. Not only are you releasing endorphins, you’re also realizing that your limit isn't where you thought it was. “When you embrace that and you get close to the edge and you think you're done,” Joel adds, “you find out you have way more left than you thought you did." So make sure you push yourself!


3. Learn to Cope

Our final step is learning to cope! Most of us are used to coming home full of mental stress and turning off our brains for TV time. But Joel says to keep going! “What I find is when you put your body under a physical stress, you're able to turn your brain off but you're able to do it in a way that's productive for you,” he insists. Not all of us are going to run a marathon, but find some physical activity that settles you. “No matter what else is happening out in the world, it's your own way of controlling the space around you,” notes Joel. Sounds like a good idea to us!


Stress is a huge part of our everyday lives, so why not make it work in your favor? Start by taking advantage of Joel’s free Cold Shower Therapy app – available on iTunes and GooglePlay.


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