College Dorms of the Future: 5 Hi-Tech University Housing Upgrades

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By: Jessica Robertson | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 6:47 PM, Mar 5, 2018

When you think of dorm rooms, you probably think of cramped quarters, contraband hot plates, and prison décor. But have you ever thought of what dorms of the future would look like? Arizona State University's Tooker House for the School of Engineering is leading the way with this idea  adding five major innovations to its students' living spaces. 

1. Space 

The Tooker House is maximizing its space as best as possible, making student spaces seem bigger. They've added peek-a-boo style doors, customizable furniture, and thinking outside the box (literally!) with L-shaped sleeping areas to give each student their own space. 

2. A Bonanza of Bandwidth 

Students' need for constant, reliable wi-fi access has been noted, so the school is providing ports everywhere. Each student can actually register up to ten devices on their wi-fi service. 

3. Personal Voice Assistant  

Now you can have Alexa as your roommate! Students get four different start-up names for their devices for four different roommates. That way they won't confuse which Alexa they're talking to. Alexa can also connect to smart TVs for video chat capabilities. Pretty cool, huh?

4. Bluetooth-Enabled Laundry  

Doing laundry in your dorm will never be the same, because now there's an app for that! Using the Laundry View App, students can see which washing machines are open and which ones are taken. The app even tells you when your load is done. Laundry is included in the price of residency, which means no quarters needed! 

5. On-Site Learning Center 

In this room hall, students each have their own facility that caters to their specific needs. Engineering students have 3D printers, laser cutters and floor-to-ceiling white boards. Fine arts students have practice studios, dance studios and even a piano in there. They basically have access to the resources that they need to match their major.  

These tricked-out dorms could soon become the norm not only at ASU's School of Engineering, but at universities nation-wide. It's a long overdue update for college dormitories, and an interesting look at the dorm life of the future.  

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