Colonel Sanders Actors List: KFC’s 7 Best Celebrity Commercials Ever

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By: Cindy G. Castillo Posted: 11:24 AM, Aug 8, 2018

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders is known all over the world, and the fast food giant is doing its best to remind us of his enduring spirit and hospitality with an ensemble cast of actors and comedians. In honor of the latest celebrity chosen for the coveted role, here’s a list of our favorite Colonel Sanders actors of all time.

1. Jason Alexander

Seinfeld fans rejoice! Jason Alexander has been tapped as the latest celebrity KFC Colonel Sanders. Starting next Monday, ads featuring Alexander will start running, pushing for the fast food chain’s $20 Fill Ups and value meals. In a recent interview with the Today show, he said his favorite fast-food habit is eating peanut butter with fried chicken. Watch his commercial above, and he’ll instantly become one of your favorite Colonel Sanders actors.

2. Reba McEntire

Jason Alexander follows our previous favorite celebrity KFC Colonel Sanders: Reba McEntire. The country music star brought her own flair to the role as the first female ever to portray the iconic colonel. She was also the first musician ever to join the roster of Colonel Sanders actors.

3. Darrell Hammond

There’s been a carousel of eight comedic Colonel Sanders actors since 2015, and it all started with this hilarious former Saturday Night Live cast member.

4. Norm Macdonald

This fellow SNL alum and funny man donned the white suit just three months after Darrell. It’s no wonder why Macdonald makes our list of best Colonel Sanders actors.

5. Rob Riggle

Actor Rob Riggle joined the prestigious list of Colonel Sanders actors back in 2016. In the ad, he was chosen to launch KFC’s first professional football team aptly named The Buckets.

6. Jim Gaffigan

Comedian Jim Gaffigan was added to the growing list of Colonel Sanders actors in 2016. The official announcement was made during the Super Bowl, with a 30-second commercial titled, “Dream.” Jim’s commercial was the fast food chain’s launch of their Nashville Hot Chicken.

7. Rob Lowe – One of the Best Colonel Sanders Actors

Actor Rob Lowe was the eighth celebrity hired to play KFC’s Colonel Sanders back in April 2017. The Parks and Recreation star was featured in ads promoting KFC’s Zinger spicy chicken sandwich.


From comedians, to musicians to actors, celebrities have embraced what is now KFC’s tradition in choosing different Colonel Sanders actors to dress up in a white suit and promote the launch of new menu items. In return, KFC fans get delicious food and nothing but laughs with these new and creative commercials.





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