Crawfish-Flavored Chips? 4 Funky Potato Chips Across America

Would you eat chips inspired by crawfish and…voodoo? No matter where you live, local flavor exists from traditional dishes to well-known beers. The same goes for one of our nation's favorite snack food: potato chips! More than 272 million Americans each consumed four pounds of potato chips last year. So we decided to snack our way Across America to munch on a variety of regional potato chips.

1. Herr's Potato Chip Factory – Nottingham, Pennsylvania


Let’s start our savory tour of America's favorite snack food in Nottingham, Pennsylvania’s. Herr's is a brand synonymous with mid-Atlantic states, and known for cranking out signature regional flavors – like Boardwalk Sea Salt and Vinegar chips. To check out the chip factory for yourself, you can easily book a tour online.  Kids tour for free, and adult tickets only cost four dollars each. Now that’s a family activity that’ll have everyone feeling chipper!

2. Golden Flake – Birmingham, Alabama


Our next stop is Birmingham, Alabama, where Golden Flake chips are almost as popular as SEC football. Makes sense to us, considering they’re the official snack of the SEC! Golden Flakes started out in a tiny Birmingham grocery store basement in the early 1920s. Since then they’ve grown into an iconic confectionery brand. The manufacturer even snagged legendary Alabama coach Paul "bear" Bryant as a spokesman for many years. Can someone please hike us a bag of Golden Flakes?!

3. Zapps – New Orleans, Louisiana


We're off to the Big Easy for number three on our list! Zapps first made its crunchy debut in 1985 at a Chevy dealership outside of New Orleans. These kettle-cooked cuties celebrate their Cajun heritage with wild flavors like Spicy Cajun Crawtator. Did we mention their most popular flavor is called Voodoo? We bet Voodoo is just cursed with flavor!

4. Laura Scudders – Los Angeles, California


Finally, let’s head out west with a brand that changed potato chip history forever. Laura Scudder started her company in Los Angeles back in 1926. She’s considered one of the industry’s most important innovators. Laura’s credited with inventing the potato chip bag – a creation that helped make the potato chip business what it is today. You go, girl!

Is your mouth watering yet?! Get your crunch on and taste these chips by ordering on their online shops.

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