Crawling Workout: 3 fun ways to get in shape

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By: Orlando Morales Posted: 2:47 PM, Apr 7, 2017

Before we learned to walk, we learned to crawl and surprisingly enough, there's an exercise out there that'll have you working out like a baby. It improves coordination, strengthens your core and you can do it virtually anywhere. Jared Cotter and Original Strength’s Tim Anderson have three fun ways to get in shape on all fours.

1.  Baby Crawl

This is a beginner crawl to get you started. Get on your hands and knees, head up so you can see the world, big chest and move opposite limbs together as you drag your feet.

2.  Leopard Crawl

This one is a little harder because you're off your knees. Don't forget to breath!

3.  Spider-Man Crawl

For this advanced one get low with your knees out. Now you look like your friendly neighborhood spider man!

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