Crazy Things Artists Ask for Before They Perform

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:13 PM, Oct 31, 2017

When artists go on tour they send what's called a “rider” to a venue they're scheduled to perform in. It's basically a list of demands that must be met before they'll go on stage. Today on the Buzz List Teresa Strasser shares some of the weirdest ones out there.

3.  Kevin Hart

This rider from 2016 alleges that Kevin asked for a whole lotta booze. 8 bottles of Ciroc vodka in various flavors just for starters. He's also apparently a chicken fan because it says he requires an assortment like baked and fried chicken wings, grilled chicken strips and fried chicken breast tenders, never frozen.

2.  Katy Perry

A rider from 2011 claims she asked for her dressing room to be a cream or soft pink color, have a fridge with a glass door and have 2 French ornate floor lamps. If the many specific types of flowers she requested weren't available, she'll settle for seasonal white flowers with white orchids, but absolutely no carnations. That part was underlined so don't mess it up or you're gonna hear her roar!

1.  John Mayer

A rider from 2005 alleges his oral hygiene is impeccable, asking for 4 "soft head" toothbrushes, 2 small tubes of mint flavored toothpaste, preferably Sensodyne or Tom's of Maine, a small bottle of Listerine and 2 packages of Altoids breath mints. Your body is a wonderland and his mouth is too!

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