Cruise Deals 2020: 3 Hacks to Get the Best Cruise Deals

best cruise deals

Looking for the best cruise deals? Then keep reading! We spoke with Colleen McDaniel, Editor-in-Chief of, who shared for ways to score epic cruise vacations on the cheap.


1. Group Deals


The first way to snag the best cruise deals? The more the merrier, so call the cousins to get the number in your party up over the group discount minimum. “It does vary by cruise line, but that threshold tends to be about eight cabins booked,” says Colleen. Just don’t expect to get the discount up front. “You get back the cost of one person’s cruise fare in the form of on-board credit. And what a lot of people would do would be to split it across the group,” adds Colleen.


2. Last Minute Cruise Deals


Looks for last minute cruise deals, since empty rooms ultimately cost the cruise lines money. “It is not the same as it was maybe ten, fifteen years ago,” shares Colleen. “In part because cruise lines are really concerned about pricing integrity. They want the passengers who book right out of the gate to feel like they got the best deal possible.” But still, an empty cabin is all overhead and no revenue, so cruise lines would rather get something instead of nothing. “Cruise lines set a cancellation deadline that varies, but roughly about ninety days out. People might find a great deal in that ninety-day window,” adds Colleen. So if you’re willing to book later in the game, this could be a great way to book the best cruise deals.


3. Cabin Guarantee


Finally, for a chance to get better lodging than you’re paying for, try booking with a cabin guarantee. That means you book the lowest rate for a category of cabin. And you might, in fact, get the worst room in that category. But if the cruise line has nicer rooms in that category, they’ll move you up. “It’s a bit of a gamble, but it’s a nice way of saving money, and you might end up with a really nice cabin,” informs colleen.


Grab your swim suit and slather on the sunscreen, because now you’ve got three ways to help you land the best cruise deals.


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