Date & Find Love Based on Your DNA – 3 Things to Know!

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 5:30 PM, Feb 19, 2018

Dating apps can be tricky to navigate, especially when you're depending on a perfected profile to pick "the one". Luckily there’s a new app claiming that DNA can be the key to helping you avoid bad dates for the rest of your life! Asma Mirza, creator of the new dating app Pheramor, is taking the guesswork out of finding a match using your DNA. Here are three things to know about DNA dating!


1. How it Works

Step one is learning how it all works. The app functions like other dating apps – aggregating pictures and profiles, but includes results from your cheek swab into the algorithm. “What we do is look at your cheek cells and extract DNA associated with 11 genes that encode for your immune system,” Asma reveals. “The more diverse that they are from someone else's, the research points that you will be attracted to them on a biological and chemical level.”

Pheramor also analyzes at your digital makeup. “[We look at] who you are, your personality, and likes and interests – and we get those from your social media activity,” Asma explains. “And the output is the percentage of compatibility that you would have with people.” So you'll know whether to click their profile or keep it moving.

2. The Cost of DNA Dating

DNA tests can cost hundreds of dollars, but the app’s cheek swab will only set you back about 16 bucks! “Genetics needs to be accessible to everybody,” Asma reasons. “It can't be this elitist platform anymore, and so we've kept our prices low at $15.99 so everybody can use it.” That's a one-time fee for the DNA test. The app itself cost ten bucks a month.

3. No Guarantees

And finally, Pheramor does not guarantee falling in love. “We have epic proportions of bad dates right now. Only two percent of online dating app users are satisfied,” Asma shares. “We can quantify the metrics behind a good date, and figure out if there's going to be a spark beforehand.” In other words, the company isn't guaranteeing love, but it is empowering users to make the right decisions and go on less bad first dates!

Aaah, looks like love is in the air…and in your DNA!

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