Día de los Muertos: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Day of the Dead

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By: Olivia Schneider Posted: 8:47 PM, Oct 26, 2016 Updated: 3:42 PM, Nov 1, 2018

Halloween is over, so it’s time for the Day of the Dead! Despite the grimness of its name, it’s more like a party that brings the deceased back to life by honoring, remembering and celebrating them. That’s why The List has five things you might not know about Día de los Muertos.

1. Tradition of Skulls

Day of the Dead is a Mexican holiday that may sound macabre, but it’s actually brimming with joy. One of its symbols is skulls, but the first thing you may not know is that they’re a symbol of life, not death. The holiday is regarded as a time when the dead can come alive again. Sugar skulls adorn altars and graves as a positive symbol of rebirth and renewal.

2. Monarch Butterflies

The second thing you might not know is another colorful symbol, the Monarch butterfly. Their magnificent migration coincides with the holiday every year and are thought to be the spirits of the dead.

3. Marigolds

Day of the Dead has its own traditional flower, the Marigold. Bright orange and yellow petals are all over altars and gravesites in order to guide spirits back to their resting place.

4. Cemetery Parties

The fourth thing you might not know is that cemeteries are a place to party. Families clean, decorate and even stay the night at their loved one’s gravesite.

5. It’s a Two-Day Celebration

The last thing you might not know about the Day of the Dead is that it’s two days, not one. Children are celebrated specifically on November 1st, which is known as the Day of the Innocents. And the day after belongs to the rest.

And those are five things you didn’t know about celebrating life on Día de los Muertos.






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