Death Cleaning: 3 Ways to Resurrect Your Life

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By: Lindsey Granger | Victor Padilla Posted: 7:13 PM, Jan 18, 2018 Updated: 8:24 AM, Sep 18, 2018

More happiness, more money, less clutter? A morbid but practical new design trend called “Swedish Death Cleaning” is making waves, and the results could make you smile. The term “Swedish Death Cleaning” sounds like something scary, but many people are adopting it!

“Death cleaning” is basically minimalism; purging your life of all the things that don’t matter to you, and don’t mean anything to you. It’s clearing out things in your life to make space for the things that do matter while you’re alive.

We spoke with interior designer Bridgette Thomas and discussed author Margareta Magnusson’s book The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning to get the scoop. Here are three steps to follow to declutter your life!

1. Take Everything Out of Storage

The author suggests taking all things out of storage units and any storage area of your home, like an attic or a garage…and then get rid of all of it! Donate it to a good cause, which will make you feel better about helping those in need. Besides, it gets expensive to keep all this clutter – costing about $40-50 per month in storage fees for stuff you aren’t even using on a regular basis.  

2. Determine if it Sparks Joys

Once you’ve emptied your storage, the author says to go through each item in your home and determine if it brings you happiness. “Ask yourself, does this spark joy?” Bridgette insists. “And then once you ask yourself that, if it’s a yes, then you keep it and you find a place for it.” But what if your answer is no? Bridgette says to chuck it. The book also advises people to discard all harmful possessions that may hurt a loved one, like a love letter from an old flame.

3. Keep One Box

And finally, keep only one box. “This is the one box that you get to keep at the end of all this purging,” Bridgette explains. “This is the box that means something only to you! The most important factor about this box is that in big, bold lettering you need to say ‘toss after death.’” Then family members will know what to do with it when you’re gone. It may sound sad, but the author says this minimalist lifestyle can reduce stress and enhance your quality of life.

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