Debunking Your Zodiac Sign’s Biggest Stereotype

By: Jacqui Denker | Jim Ventura | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 12:33 PM, Sep 10, 2020 Updated: 10:46 PM, Sep 14, 2020

If you’ve ever had someone try to pinpoint your personality traits based on your zodiac sign, read on, because astrologer Jim Ventura is helping us sort fact from fiction about zodiac stereotypes.



Libra is often seen as needing to be in some kind of committed relationship or they will feel lost. They are also often seen as struggling with decision-making. The truth is Libras do enjoy partnerships and are often good at the healthy compromise needed to make relationships work. But they also experience times when they not only are alone but choose to be! Rather than seeing them as lacking in decision-making abilities, they are simply more inclined to take the time to deliberate.



Scorpio is often seen as a sign that is very sexual and about having power. They are also given the tag of never cross a Scorpio because they will seek revenge! But Scorpio is not all about sex, although they are likely to put more time and energy into having and not having as much sex or influence as they might like, for good or bad. Scorpio does often have a harder time forgiving transgressions, but they do forgive and often use this process itself to evolve and even help others brilliantly to do the same.



Sagittarius is often seen as a sign that loves to travel, explore and may have trouble settling down. They are often tagged with not being able to commit. Sagittarians are true storytellers. Their lack of settling down and seemingly endless desire to travel and explore is often more about collecting more stories, knowledge, and experiences to share. Sagittarius may take longer to commit, but they are true romantics and their strong interest in ethics and morality can make them quite committed when they finally do settle down!



Capricorn is often seen as a sign that has trouble expressing themselves and opening up to others with their true feelings. They are often tagged with working too much. Capricorns can take a bit longer than other signs to become comfortable with sociability, yet they will share deeply when they trust someone. This process just takes a bit longer. They often do work hard and more than some other signs, but “too much” is subjective. They experience value in hard work and are willing to slowly do the work necessary for success.



Aquarius is often seen as detached, analytical and lacking in emotion. Aquarius does strive to reach a higher mind and viewpoint. They work to rise above lower emotions like jealousy and possessiveness, yet they feel just as much as others and sometimes overload on emotion if they bottle too much up!



Pisces are often tagged as sensitive, creative, and even impractical. Pisces can be some of these attributes, but they are quite good at the practical necessities of life too. They are, after all, mutable. Think of the accountant as a day job and a jazz musician on the weekend!



Aries is often seen as combative, strong headed and all about Aries. Aries may at times be some of these things but they are staunch defenders of family and those they care about. Their independence can inspire others!



Taurus is often seen as indulgent and all about money and possessions. Taurus does like to indulge in the good things in life. They work hard for the sense of comfort and stability but have many different perspectives on what they value. It’s not always about money!



Gemini is often seen as two faced and scattered. Gemini though is wired to see multiple points of view. They just sometimes express their perspectives without regard for how others may react. They often verbally share their internal thought process out loud!



Cancer is often seen as too sensitive and emotional. Cancers do feel things deeply because they are water signs. But they care deeply and love to take care of those they truly love. We can all get a bit moody when we feel unappreciated!



Leo is often seen as cocky and too proud. Leo is a proud sign, but they are also givers. The urge to share accomplishments is usually done to inspire others.



Virgo if often seen as critical and obsessed with cleanliness and order. Virgo is critical, although more often internally. They use this process to strengthen their ability to do things efficiently. Critical tendencies are meant to help or heal others in service.


And those are a few zodiac misconceptions we can squash once and for all!