The Perfect Dinner Party Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The zodiac rules more than just our personality and love life: it rules our approach to food and fine dining, too! World renown astrologer Penny Thornton has mixed in the astrological signs with her latest culinary book The Zodiac Cooks. Here’s what you can expect from all 12 celestial signs at the dinner table.




The airy Aquarius sign likes clean, simple foods with an emphasis on fresh.  When it comes to decor, the theme continues with clean simple lines.  Yes, the Aquarius is a true minimalist. Should you join this sign at the dining table, come with something interesting to say.  Don’t come without conversation!




These emotional fishes are intuitive cooks who enjoy vegetarian dishes or comfort food.  When it comes to design and style, it’s all about meaning and memories with family photo groupings, and anything else that tells a story.  If you dine with the sensitive Piscean, remember to bring a tissue box.  It could get a bit sad!




The twins of the zodiac love foods that are light, airy and quick to prepare.  Japanese food like Sushi and Asian decor often make big statements at a Gemini gathering. Sit at the Gemini table and come with something unique to say, but don’t bring your heartache.  They simply won’t empathize.




For the goat of the zodiac, food is the music of life.  And they love rich dishes –  from pasta and burgers to pot roast and potatoes.  Decor is practical, casual and often features a clock as an accessory.  Dine with a Capricorn and don’t arrive drunk.  Just follow their instructions!




This sign is the warrior in the kitchen. Aries like food spiky, hot and fast! Foods like chilies, arugula and pike fish work well, too.  Decor is informal because Aries prefer to have a great time with people rather than keeping up appearances.  At an Aries table, don’t attempt to give advice – but do make sure to flatter your host!




This “foodie” of the zodiac enjoys classic cuisines like beef, lobster, bean dishes, sweets and tea parties.  Farmhouse style kitchen and dining spaces are typical for Taurans. At a Tauran table don’t change anything,  and do prepare to settle in for the long haul.




Cooking with Crabs is all about experiencing good food in their home.  Fish, steamed vegetables, yogurt and whole grains are Cancer favorites.   Decor involves homey kitchen clutter like pots, pans and collections.  At the Cancerian table, don’t ask when the kitchen remodel is happening but do make sure to ask about the family.


8. LEO


To the lion, food is a performance requiring applause and praise. Beef, lamb, chicken and golden potatoes serve up a feast for this king or queen.  Decor is regal and grand, often reflecting golden colors.  Should you be honored to dine with a Leo, don’t lead the conversation but do spread praise as easily as butter.




This sign is organized, efficient and organic in the kitchen. Mediterranean and healthy twists on traditional menus are part of the Virgin’s culinary M.O. Look for harvest-like decor and dining tables with straight edges.  If you take a seat at Virgo’s table, don’t criticize but feel free to talk about your health issues.




Appearance is everything to a Libra, and a balanced, harmonious meal is essential to this social pair of scales.  Libras love foods that are easy to digest like chicken and salmon along with light sauces.  Libra is all about elegant dining and classy decor on any budget.   At the Libra table, don’t say anything gross but do praise, flatter and share.




This sign is sensuous in all veins of life – including cuisine!  Scorpios enjoy fruit, mushroom, ginger cake and prefer fish to meat.  Decor style is lush, dramatic and vibrant in color – think of deep autumn.  Sit at the table with this secretive sign and make sure not to look like competition – though free to offer some juicy gossip.




To the Sag man or woman, food is an adventure – a journey of discovery.  This sign loves to have fun in the kitchen, working up multi-course meals and dining al fresco under the stars.  Decor involves large tables along with plenty of crystal and china. Don’t sit at a Sagittarian table and clock watch,  but do name drop!



Feeling hungry yet? Now you know how to shoot for the stars at your next dinner party.