Dive into summer with these 3 underwater cameras

A lot of us spend our summers underwater, but that also means we spend part of our summers with our eyes closed! The season of fun shouldn't be spent swimming blind! And you shouldn't have to sacrifice saving memories on the water just to keep your phone dry. Capture all of your adventures by the water, or under it, with these 3 sweet underwater photography finds!

1. Lenzo

If you love the photos your iPhone takes but don't want to have to buy a new one after trying to take pics in the pool, grab this waterproof camera/case combo. It's even got filters to help you take the best looking picture for Instagram later – pick one up for $295.

2. Paralenz

Made for divers, this 4K underwater camera attaches to a scuba mask and can even handle depths of over 200 feet! Like, way over…but, brace yourself: you'll have to dive deep into those pockets for this device being sold for $600.


This 4K camera is perfect for people who want to capture underwater video, but also want a cute little friend to swim around with them. It's being marketed as the world's "first bionic wireless robot fish". So maybe grab it for the kids and teach them some responsibility! It's only $600, after all, which is practically comparable to getting a real pet. The kickstarter video for it though is pretty hilarious:

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