DIY: How to Build Your Own Tiny House from Scratch

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Dave Taylor Posted: 4:24 PM, Feb 7, 2018


Need a little motivation in the home-building and money-saving departments? We have one couple's story that could get you on the right path.


Imagine building your very own house and living in it with a family of four. Jocelyn and Jarvis Ludlow did just that, and that’s why they're topping our Viralist at number one!


After realizing they were $96,000 in debt, the Ludlows found the motivation to make big changes in their life. Paying off that huge amount of money in just 20 months, Jarvis and Jocelyn then built their very own 325-square foot tiny home on wheels for themselves and their 2 kids.


See how they did it by watching this 18 minute video from YouTube channel Exploring Alternatives.


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