DIY: How to Make Wine Using an Instant Pot

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 5:27 PM, Mar 14, 2018

Did you know you can make your very own wine with an instant pot? Well you can, but it turns out – it's disgusting. Penn and Kim of "The Holderness Family" took a very well-reviewed recipe from and put it to the test, to make their own bottle of wine using an instant pot. And let's just say it didn't turn out so well. They describe the flavor of their creation as "cough syrup gone bad, with the consistency of ketchup." Yum, right? 

The Holderness Family is known on YouTube for their original music, parodies and Vlogs and have collected millions of views throughout their channel's lifetime. Check out the full video below which may or, more likely may not, inspire you to make a batch of your own. 

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