DIY Pallet Furniture: 3 Cheap Projects That Will Wow Your Friends

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By: Brian Corsetti Posted: 10:39 PM, Oct 3, 2016

Forget spending hundreds of dollars on cheap furniture that doesn't last — build your own out of pallets, for practically nothing! Brian Corsetti has three DIY projects that are cheap and easy, and will definitely wow your friends.

1.  $40 Coffee Table

You can usually find the wood pallets behind a grocery store for free, but you always want to make sure to ask before taking. Paint them with chalk paint, and then sand them down to make it look shabby sheik and soften the edges. You can get the four wheels for around $6 at your local hardware store. Get the largest ones because it will add height to the coffee table. Finally, stack the pallets and decorate. Not too shabby!

2.  $3 Wall Art

Start out by sanding the pallet, draw an image on construction paper and cut it out. Next, tape your drawing to the pallet and start staining. The final result looks better than spending hundreds of dollars on picture frames.

3.  $6 Wall Bar

Cut the pallet in half and add a bottom and a top by using the wood from the other side of the pallet. Then cut little notches for the wine rack, glue them on with wood glue and add some paint. When you hang it make sure you find a stud so it stays secure. Add your booze and it's party time!

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