Dog Training Tips: 3 Worst Mistakes You Can Make When Raising Your Puppy

By: Jessica Robertson | Jared Cotter Posted: 7:30 PM, Apr 4, 2018

Adopting a brand-new puppy is a joy, but there's a good chance you aren't training the newest member of your family correctly. We spoke with dog behaviorist Bill Glatzel, who showed us three mistakes you're making with your precocious pup.


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1. Not Socializing Soon Enough


The first dog owner error is not socializing your dog soon enough! When is the best time frame to socialize your pup? "Dogs have a critical socialization period that basically starts at three weeks of age and goes to three months,” Bill explains. That's when they are most open to new experiences and learning what "normal" is. If being around other dogs isn't normal for them, Bill says they can become fearful and aggressive. So what’s the best way to socialize a puppy? "Take your dog around family and friends' dogs,” suggests Bill.  “You know them, you know that they're stable. You know that they're fully vaccinated.”


2. Disciplining the Wrong Way


What’s the next big puppy mistake? Disciplining the wrong way! Bill names the lack of consistency and poor timing as the most common infractions. “With a dog, you've got about zero to half a second to be able to connect the dots in their thinking,” urges our dog whisperer. "Or the dog's not going to understand why it's being corrected." In other words, if a dog is at home all day and tears up the couch, it doesn't make sense to discipline that dog when you get home. “All you're going to do is stress out that dog,” adds Bill. “It's going to be very confused. It has no idea why it's being reprimanded." Which leads us to our final canine training catastrophe…


3. Leaving Your Puppy Unsupervised Too Soon


Last on our list is leaving your pooch unsupervised too soon. We know, you can’t be with Fido  24/7 – but there’s a solution for that: crate training! "Every dog should be crate-trained,” says Bill. "Dogs have a denning instinct. They're going to be very happy in there. It keeps them from hurting themselves, and to keep them from destroying things." When the puppy is well-trained with you, you can try leaving them out alone. "Don't give them access to the entire house. Incrementally, you'll be adding more time, and incrementally you'll be giving them a little more freedom, a little more space in the house,” Bill continues.


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