Doomsday Prep: 3 pro survival tips

The world feels like it's spinning in chaos and sometimes it’s enough to make you want to hide… in a bunker! Well, Doomsday Preppers star and world renowned survivalist Tim Ralston is telling Kristina Guerrero how to not just survive, but thrive if disaster strikes.

1.  Hope for the Best, Prepare For The Worst

The more prepared you are the less fear that you have. That means you have to do more than stocking up on supplies. You have to be ready for real danger like no phone, running water or electricity. When the grid goes down that's when it's all over and the panic sets in.

2.  You Gotta Get the Gear

Pounds equal pain when traveling. The more tools you can pack into one item, the better off you are. Get multipurpose survival gear to be light on your feet.

3.  Practice the Five C's

You have to have something that can cut. So that would be your knife, and then combustion, something that starts a fire. The third C is cordage. It helps with building shelter, fishing and hunting. Then cover because you’ll need shelter. The last is container. You’ve got to have something to transport water.

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