Drink like The Jetsons with these 3 high-tech vessels

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Orlando Morales Posted: 8:37 PM, Jun 6, 2017

You know you live in the future when you've got gadgets for your pets; gadgets for your booze; and now, gadgets for your cups. That's right – your favorite glass, cup, or mug is getting an upgrade. Don't settle for old-fashioned cups that topple over with ease, let your drinks lose their temperature, and can't even be snuck around, for Pete's sake! Let Kristina Guerrero show you how to change your life and live in the future you deserve with these 3 high-tech cups:

1. Mighty Mug Barware

Try as you might, you won't be able to ugly this mug. The Mighty Mug tumbler has a Smartgrips base that uses suction to keep it from being knocked over and spilling precious coffee. What definitely doesn't suck? The price tag – these cups start at just $17.

2. Trinken Lid

Want to enjoy a romantic watching-the-sun-set date with your crush, but don't want to get into any trouble if you sneak along your favorite beer? Keep the love alive with a Trinken Lid! The lid snaps onto any can and creates a seal around it, letting you stash it when you need to! But that price won't sneak up on you: these lids start at around $12.

3. Ember

Tired of rushing through your hot coffee or iced tea because you want to savor its temperature before it chills out or heats up? Consider investing in the Ember Mug – a stainless steel cup that lets you dial in the exact temperature you want your drink to be. But getting one might have you dialing down your budget – this mug could set you back $150.

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