Drink Pink: 3 must-try rosé wines

Why are so many people saying, “Rosé all day!” on social media? Because this wine with a pinkish hue has become more popular – And with roughly 140 varieties, there're many shades of rose to taste. Donna Ruko and The Vault Wine Storage’s Mark Massimi have three different varieties that will have you saying YAY to ROSE.

1.  Classic Rosé

This one hails from the birth place of rose in Cotes de Provence in France. It’s very easy on the pallet so it's a great choice for beginners to wine.

2.  Modern Rosé

This wine out of Baja Mexico is definitely more full-flavored, fruity and slightly sweeter. You should build up to this one if you're new to rose wine.

3.  Postmodern Rosé

Maybe not something that the connoisseur would be terribly interested but it has its place and there are people out there who like sweet wines like this.

These three rosé wines will have you and your friends blushing with delight!

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