Drink Recipes: 3 Childhood Sodas All Grown Up

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Todd Covelli Posted: 4:52 PM, Aug 2, 2016

A big fizzy trend right now is to dig up recipes from the soda fountains of the past. We took some of your favorite childhood soft drinks and gave them a modern, bar room twist. Bradley Hasemeyer and Mixologist at Nook Kitchen, Christine Bostwick, have three retro soda recipes, that are all grown up, and will have you buzzing with joy!

1.  Hi-C Ecto-Plasma Blast Wine Cooler

(Ecto-Cooler, Sparkling Wine,Frozen Kiwi Chunks Infused with Vodka – Garnish with Ghostbusters Candy)

3 parts Cava (or California sparkling wine), one part Ecto cooler, 3 frozen vodka pineapple chunks per 16 oz tumbler.

2.  Surge Soda “Afterburner”

(Surge Soda, Cinnamon Vodka, Orange Vodka, Garnish with Gummy Bears or Jolly Ranchers)

¾ oz cinnamon vodka, ¾ oz orange vodka, ice into 16 oz tumbler, top off with Surge soda.

3.  A&W Sunset

(Kahlua, Root Beer, Spiced Rum, Orange Slice)

¾ oz shot Kahlua, ¾ oz spiced rum, ice into glass, rim the glass with orange juice, add brown sugar, top with a half orange slice.

Now you’re ready to make your favorite childhood sodas, but all grown up, and even sweeter than ever!

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