Drop the Pounds with These 3 Eating Tricks

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By: Brian Corsetti Posted: 4:26 PM, Oct 6, 2016

Diet plans can be hard and sometimes don't even work, but fear not — Brian Corsetti found three unique eating tricks that will help you reach your goal.

1.  Surround Yourself with Blue

Ever wonder why the last M&M in the bag is blue? Blue can curb those cravings because it's rarely found in our natural food — so it doesn't look appealing. To help control your portions, try using blue plates and utensils, or get really crazy and add some blue food coloring to your next batch of cookies.

2.  Watch Yourself Eat in the Mirror

A study at University of Central Florida found that people who ate unhealthy food while looking at their reflection, were less likely to find the food tasty — therefore they ate less.

3.  Vanilla Candles Can Suppress Appetite

At St George's Hospital in London they divided 200 overweight people into groups — one wore a vanilla patch — the other a placebo patch. Those who smelled vanilla all day ate less and lost more weight.

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