Eat Raw Chicken? 3 Raw Food Trends Making Us Gag

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:58 PM, Feb 20, 2018

Eating raw foods might just be taking on a new meaning in the world of dieting. The trend has taken a few turns, and it already has a lot of people talking. Teresa Strasser has three of the latest trends in raw foods that you might, or may not, want to try out for yourself.  

1. Raw Water 

Instead of drinking treated water, people are drinking their H2O straight from the source. Companies like Tourmaline Spring are cashing in by bottling and selling it on store shelves. Founder Bryan Pullen says their product is organic, untreated spring water straight from the ground, untouched and unfiltered. 

The company claims their water is healthier than drinking treated water. However, the CDC reports anywhere from four to 32 million people getting acute gastrointestinal illness from public drinking water, so you can decide for yourself.  

2. Raw Milk 

Companies like Organic Pastures are selling un-pasteurized milk claiming the pasteurization process takes out healthy stuff, and that organic, unfiltered, grass-fed cow milk is easier on the tummy. They claim to take the milk from the cow, filter it, keep it cold, and test it. Therefore, not getting a product that's been highly processed or homogenized. 

On the flip side, the CDC reports 51 outbreaks of disease linked to raw milk from 2010 to 2012. Would you risk it?!

3. Raw Chicken  

Chicken Sashimi is popular in Japan and it's making its way to the states. The dish is basically chicken that's been boiled for about ten seconds and served sushi style.  

It not going to come as a big surprise that the CDC has estimated about a million people getting sick from eating poultry that's contaminated with germs every year.  

As far as raw foods go, whether you're thinking of trying out raw milk with your cereal or if you'd rather stick to raw nuts and fruits, these are the latest trends in raw food dieting that are making waves today. 

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