Eating Fat Makes You Lose Weight: 3 Diet Tips to Drop Pounds

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 11:30 PM, Feb 13, 2018

Chances are you've heard tons of theories when it comes to weight loss. Keeping a close eye on our waistlines has made the weight loss market worth over $65 billion dollars. And current trends show people sprinting away from deprivation diets, and lunging towards healthier living. Christy Nickel, former pro-boxer and author of The Code Red Revolution, tightens the belt on three big myths in weight loss. 

1. You Have to Exercise to Lose Weight  

Nothing can be further from the truth, as caloric intake is the biggest factor in losing weight. Think about it this way: 3,500 calories are the equivalent of a pound of fat. Christy explains that going out for a morning run can burn approximately 400 calories, so it'd take nine runs total to burn off one pound. You'd most likely blow out a knee before making a dent in shedding pounds. Exercise is important, but there's more to weight loss than just working out. 

2. Everything You Eat Has to be "Low Fat" 

When food manufacturers take the fat out of food, it tastes nasty. So, what they do is add sugar and carbs to bring in a better flavor. Therefore, if you see something labeled "low fat", you should probably stay away from that. When you go low fat in your food, chances are you'll feel hungry all the time, as healthy fats can be satiating. The bottom line is when you eat fat, you lose fat. 

3. You Should Eat 3 Meals a Day 

Cristy suggests spacing out your meals, so that you eat maybe two meals a day. Even as an athlete, Cristy eats one well-balanced meal every day, consisting of the following foods: eggs, bacon, avocados, steak (with the gristle on), and asparagus. This eating pattern is perfectly healthy, and there's science to back having a long fasting period and not frequently eating. 

From exercising every day to eating low-fat everything, the weight loss industrial complex has fed us so many theories on slimming down that we've finally said enough! 

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