Eco-conscious Breweries

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By: Mike Dunn | Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 4:05 PM, Jun 7, 2022 Updated: 4:28 PM, Jun 7, 2022

Although beer has never been synonymous with sustainability, there are some breweries turning the stigma around with their environmentally friendly business methods. We’re toasting to these eco-conscious breweries across America. 

Starting with – Arizona Wilderness Brewing in Gilbert, Arizona 

Their motto is: “Drink Like You Care”, and it’s a challenge to patrons and themselves. They offer a brew called ‘This Beer Saves Water’ which uses locally grown barley and drought tolerant hops that put less of a strain on the Verde River. In addition, everything they use to serve is either compostable or made from recycled materials. “We have a deeper level of care in to how we’re sourcing ingredients and reduce our footprint,” they say. 

Heading East to Asheville, North Carolina is Wicked Weed Brewing 

This eco-conscious establishment focuses on recycling, water savings, and waste diversion. “We have a deeper level of care into how we’re sourcing ingredients and reduce our footprint,” they said. Additionally, Wicked Weed Brewing also has a robust composting program. But they didn’t stop there. Appalachia, their one-of-a-kind beer creation, benefits the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy.  

Closing our roundup, it’s Athletic Brewing in Stratford, Conneticut 

This unique brewery is almost entirely solar powered – with a goal to be 100% off the grid. “The biggest way Athletic Brewing is a good steward to the environment is our Two for the Trails program,” they shared. The program donates 2% of all sales to trail and park maintenance across the country and building projects like urban bike parks. The grant grew to over a million dollars last year alone. 

Let’s drink to eco-friendly breweries, Across America!