Engagement Tips: 3 Ways to Plan the Perfect Proposal

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By: Jared Cotter | Jessica Robertson Posted: 11:25 PM, Mar 12, 2018

Planning the perfect proposal isn't easy. It can be stressful, overwhelming and it's perfectly normal to feel like you need some help. Just like we have wedding planners, we also have proposal planners that can come to the rescue. Proposal Planner and Photographer Ash Fox is making headlines for planning over a thousand wedding proposals in New York City. Now she's sharing four tips to turn your beloved into your intended. 

1. Begin with Location 

Location is super important. Ash suggests thinking about her favorite activities, her favorite colors, her favorite movies. That's where you start, and then narrow it down to what would be right for her. If she loves the outdoors, take her on a hike. If she loves the movies, re-enact her favorite romantic movie moment, and so on. It's about getting to know your partner and what they really would love. 

2. Don't Wing It When You Ring It  

The perfect proposal is also about knowing the right things to say. Answer two questions, "why do you love her?" And, "why are you proposing?" Speak from the heart, take it slow – you don't want to rush it. Don't try to wing it and make sure to plan ahead.  

3. Get Down on One Knee 

We're in 2018, so some people might think, okay, we don't get down on our knee anymore. Think again! A proposal's not a proposal unless someone is on their knee proposing. This is an act of vulnerability, and part of the memory is this physical act of being down on your knee. Just be sure to stay down there long enough if you're having someone taking pictures. It would be nice to have some good shots of it. 

Whether you're thinking about proposing on top of a mountain, on a beach or in your favorite restaurant, make sure to make it personal. The greatest act of love is showing your partner that you really know them before you say "I do." 

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