Fab or Fail: 3 Summer Ice Cream Tricks

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By: Jimmy Rhoades | Meredith Witthar Posted: 5:34 PM, Aug 25, 2016

Summer is heating up and so are our Facebook feeds, with videos of ice cream tricks, that seem super simple, but are they? Jimmy Rhoades is putting the three most popular ones to the test, to see if they're fab or fail!

1.  Homemade Ice Cream

Let's say you need ice cream and there's no grocery store anywhere. It's a deserted island and you got to have your ice cream, but somehow you have these supplies well you can still make ice cream. Take a small Ziploc bag, add half and half, sugar and vanilla extract. Mix ice and salt in a larger bag, insert your ice cream concoction, and then shake vigorously.

2.  Ultra-Frozen Brick of Ice Cream

Run a knife under hot water, then score your ice cream about an inch deep, and then run your scoop under hot water. It scoops so easily, and the ice cream doesn't taste bad either. This trick is definitely fabulous!

3.  Ice Cream Cone Shots

Gently score the top of the cone. Once you've expertly decapitated them, they look like little shot glasses. Now you have to make them waterproof. Dip the rim of the cone in sprinkles. Now put the shot glasses in the freezer to seal up the chocolate. While those seal, put some vodka, baileys, and vanilla ice cream, in a blender. Pour the mix in the cone and you’re ready to enjoy!

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