Facebook Marketplace: 4 Ways to Make Money Selling Products on FB

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 5:49 PM, Apr 4, 2018

Using the Facebook Marketplace feature is easier than you think. So many people are taking advantage of it to sell their stuff and make some extra money. Lifestyle expert Robyn Moreno is sharing her tips on how to use Facebook Marketplace to turn that clutter into cash. 

1. Pick a Room and Stick With It  

Robyn recommends focusing on one room in your house at a time when decluttering. People can get very overwhelmed doing their spring cleaning, so start with the kitchen, then the garage, and so on. Once you're cleaning, you'll start deciphering which belongings to throw away, and which things have value. 

2. Know What Stuff Sells Better Than Others 

Robyn's second pro tip is that seasonal items do very well on Facebook Marketplace. Spring has sprung, so people are likely looking for spring clothing, rain boots, or even outdoor furniture. Kids' toys and apparel are popular year round, and are always worth buying and selling. 

3. Take Great Photos   

Make sure buyers can see your items clearly! Trying using a blank wall and taking pictures against it. Doing so  makes your product photos look clean and non-distracting, so your items will pop. Natural lighting works best to showcase your items' true colors  –  and make sure to cover all angles, so viewers can see as much detail in your items as possible. 

4. Set the Right Price 

Set a price that you think is fair. You want to get rid of it, but also get some money back for those items. This holds especially true if the items are in good to like-new condition. You can look and see what other people are selling similar items like yours for and compare. You'll see where other prices fall, so you can go lower, or higher than you expected.  

Selling your junk on Facebook Marketplace is a great way to earn some extra income – and you can do the same on Amazon! Don't forget to read our article on How to Make Money with Amazon Drop Shipping. Happy selling!

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