Facebook Privacy Leak: 4 Ways to Protect Your Family on Social Media

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By: Meredith Witthar | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 5:43 PM, Apr 26, 2018 Updated: 3:53 PM, Oct 30, 2018

It seems like every other headline is talking about the Facebook privacy leak. But if you’re not deleting your Facebook, how do you decide when sharing online becomes oversharing? We spoke with social media expert Tami Brehse who showed us how to keep yourself and your family safe by not oversharing.


1. What You’re Sharing

First up – consider what you’re sharing. A University of Florida study found that 92% of kids age two and under already have a digital footprint. And those pics you thought were innocent can provide hidden clues!


Our host Kristina Guerrero sent Tami her Facebook profile to see what she could scope out if her intentions were less than honest – and Tami’s observations are startling! “Just from looking at your profiles, which are set to public, I can tell your son’s name [and] his birthday. I can figure out where he goes to school, [and] what sporting team he plays on,” Tami reveals. “And suddenly I have this really detailed idea of where you and your son spend a lot of time that maybe you didn’t think of when you were just posting a cute picture of the two of you.” Yikes!

You may be thinking, I’m not public so this doesn’t apply to me… But you might be wrong!


2. How You’re Sharing


Next on our list is how you’re sharing. Let’s say you’re out to dinner with a group of people, and you post a group photo. Then you tag five friends, each of whom has 100 friends – and now there are 500 more people you don’t know that can see it. “Once you start tagging people in photos,” warns Tami, “it then opens up your settings [so] any one of their friends can now see that photo. So you’re suddenly exposed to a much larger audience than just your friend group.” Oy vey!


3. Limit Your Oversharing


Third, make sure to limit your oversharing. “When it comes to your kids, one of my favorite ways to control who can see your photos and videos is to use what’s called the ‘friend’s list’,” says Tami. You also can create a group of specific people – maybe a family group. “Then when you go to share a photo, and you tap that little gear icon, you can say I only want to share this photo with X group,” she adds.


If this is all news to you, then it may be time to do some social media cleaning. “You might want to take a look back through some of the pictures, videos, photo albums you’ve posted through the years – and go in and check on those settings.” Duly noted!


4. How to Filter Your Posts with Friends Lists


Looking for steps on how to make your posts visible to only specific friends or family members? Look no further! Follow these simple tips to protect your family and privacy on Facebook.


Under the “Explore” tab, on the left side of your newsfeed, there’s a tab called the “friends list”. Click that and you’ll see different groups you can put your Facebook friends into – or you can create a new one! Then when you go to share a post click on the icon to the left of the post button and you can specify which group will see what you post! 



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