Family of 5 Travels Worldwide & Lives in SUV for 9 Months – See What Happens!

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By: Dave Taylor | Bradley Hasemeyer Posted: 6:00 PM, Apr 26, 2018

Summertime calls for an epic adventure. So, the next time you want to just get out of your environment and see the world, find inspiration from this family at the top of our Viralist. 

We're talking about Ray Hyland and his family of five who took a 1954 Land Rover they bought for $300 and turned it into the family excursion of a lifetime. They drove from London to Singapore, a trip that took them a grand total of nine months. That's a 16,000 mile stretch where they camped in tents all the way from Europe through the Middle East, India and Asia. 

You have to hear all about their epic adventure in the video below from YouTube Channel, "Exploring Alternatives."

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