The Future Of Fashion Is In Tech

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By: Jacqui Denker | Adapted for Web By Dave Hanson Posted: 8:54 PM, Aug 22, 2022 Updated: 6:46 PM, Aug 26, 2022

We’re living in the digital age and things move faster now than ever before. One of the industries leading the charge among the NFTs and Metaverses’ of the world is the fashion industry. To find out more about the fashion futuristic leaps, Jacqui Denker chats with Andrew Burnstine of Lynn University.

First up – Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht

Wipprecht uses robotics, engineering, and science to let her fashion make a statement.

Her spider dress actually has sensors and moveable arms to create a boundary of personal space —while, of course, employing a fierce style! She’s also teamed up with companies like Intel, Google, and NASA to incorporate the latest tech into her fashions. And it’s not just about style — some of these outfits use tech to connect to the brain so they can give mobility assistance to people with sensory issues.

Next up – let’s play dress-up with– DRESSX

DRESSX carries digital fashion collections from contemporary brands and designers. The essence of digital fashion is the use of 3D software to build a garment that in the digital world looks like real clothing. Basically, you purchase virtual clothing and accessories from their website, and then send in a photo of yourself…the picture is edited so you’re wearing a 3D model of the digital piece. While you don’t get the piece in real life, you can use the picture for social media or even on dating sites… bonus, their app lets you apply digital fashion to real-time videos or photos.

Finally- let’s talk Fabricant

Welcome to the Metaverse — a place where Fabricant is the world’s first only digital fashion house. Here you can connect your crypto wallet to purchase pieces for your digital wardrobe that your avatar can wear in the Metaverse. Each garment is customizable and is an NFT– so each one is a traceable, tradeable, and collectible piece of digital art. At this point they are pricey but hey maybe someday Ross or Marshalls will be in the Metaverse and we can all afford them!

Sashaying forward with fashions of the future.