Father’s Day 2018: 3 Perfect Gifts for Patriotic Dads

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By: Todd Covelli Posted: 4:38 PM, Jun 11, 2018

Father’s Day 2018 is almost here, and if you still need gift ideas, keep reading. Dads can be tough to buy for, but if he's a proud patriot, you're in luck because we've rounded up some great items made in the good ol' U.S.A.


1. American Badass Grill


We're burning up the top of our list with the American Badass Grill. Musician Kid Rock is behind these portable, barrel-shaped grills, which are available in either gas or charcoal. They start at $99 on AmericanBadassGrill.com.


2. The Weed Dragon


Lighting up our second spot is a different kind of flame – the Weed Dragon, made in La Crosse Kansas. Pulling weeds is never fun, but dad will love torching them with the Weed Dragon. This butane-powered torch is environmentally friendly, and there's even an online Flame Weeding 101 guide so dad doesn’t burn down the house. They start at $138 on FlameEngineering.com.


3. Space Pen


Finally, blasting into our third spot is the Fisher Space Pen – made in Boulder City, Nevada. These pens have flown on every manned NASA mission since 1968. They’re pressurized, so if pops happens to snag a trip aboard Virgin Galactic, he can write you a letter. You can find them on Spacepen.com starting at $26.


Now you've picked a present, but what about the place? Don’t forget to learn how to plan the perfect Father’s Day date based on dad’s zodiac sign!


What are YOU getting dad this Father’s Day? Sound off in the comments below!


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