Feng Shui 2019: How to Feng Shui Your Home in 3 Easy Steps

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By: Olivia Schneider | Segun Oduolowu Posted: 3:59 PM, Mar 19, 2019 Updated: 10:34 AM, Mar 20, 2019

The practice of feng shui at home is about channeling energy through it to make your life better. We’re joining feng shui practitioner Amy Solara to learn how to implement three aspects of the art into your home.




Step one on how to feng shui your home? Hang up some mirrors! “They reflect the energy that’s already in a room,” explains Amy. “If you put them in a room that has cluttered space, it’s gonna magnify the cluttered energy.” So where in your room should you put mirrors, and how big should they be? “You want the mirror to be in a place where it’s a focal point, and you also want it to be as big as possible,” instructs Amy. And here’s one place she says never to put a mirror: your bedroom! “If the mirror’s reflecting you while you’re sleeping, then it’s just gonna magnify any energy that’s in the space,” Amy reasons. “It’s gonna help kind of keep the space alive, and you want it to dampen down at nighttime.”




Mirrors bring out Amy’s next tip on how to feng shui your home: use color! So how can color impact the energy in a room? “We think about the energetics of color in feng shui,” starts Amy. “What’s the energy behind the color? How is it gonna amplify that area of your life? Maybe you wanna add a little bit of creativity; throw some purple in. If you want to do something to increase your wealth and prosperity, [try] red or money colors – gold and green.” Amy says bringing in color is all in the details: “You can just use accents like […] throw pillows, throw blankets, bunches of flowers that are freshly cut, [and] small little objects around the room that help bring the color in subconsciously without punching you in the face.”




But splashing your face with water would be okay since water is the third facet of how to feng shui your home. First, you might be wondering what water represents in feng shui. “Water is how the energy flows in the house,” informs Amy. “Bathrooms have so much water, they’re considered out of balance because they pull all the energy from our house down the drain.” Amy says finding that balance can be really simple. “[The] first thing you can do – shut the bathroom door,” she insists. “Second thing – make sure that all the [toilet] lids are down and [that] there aren’t any leaky faucets.” Also, Amy says putting a potted plant right next to the sink helps ground the energy!


And those are three expert tips on how to feng shui your home.


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