Fishing Just Got Easier: 3 high-tech gadgets

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 10:02 PM, Jun 5, 2017

Looking to get outdoors this summer and catch some fish? There's new gear that will help you catch more, faster, all while improving your game. Jared Cotter is reeling the top three high-tech fishing gadgets of 2017.

1.  AguaDrone

This is a waterproof quadcopter that wants to reel in the big one. The idea is you fly it over fish filled waters and use one of three pods. A camera lets you land on the water to see what's underneath. Then sonar sends images of what's submerged to your smartphone and a bait pod takes your line and lure out to distances previously out of reach. Just think of it as being able to take your bait beyond any imaginal casting distance. They're out now for around $630.

2.  ANGLR Tracker

This is a cool device that attaches to your rod and makes it smart. It detects every cast and logs every catch while at the same time marking your exact location pulling in local weather and water data. When you start fishing just open their app and it'll track all sorts of stats serious fishermen used to flounder around with manually. They're out now for $140.

3.  TactiBite Fish Call

This is a device that sends out sounds and vibrations hopefully bettering your chances of catching a fish by attracting them to you. Suitable for fresh or salt water, it tailors sounds and volume to the type of fish you're trying to lure in. This thing appears to work so well it kind of seems like cheating. It's a good thing they offer a money back guarantee because other fishermen will probably feel jealous and give you a hard time for using it. You can hook yourself up with one for around $100.

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