Food Trends: 3 Innovative Ways to Order Pizza

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Jessica Robertson Posted: 6:25 PM, Jan 17, 2017

It’s hard to improve upon something as perfect as pizza, but what about how it gets to you? In the name of progress Bradley Hasemeyer has three innovative ways you can order a delicious pie.

1.  Domino’s Pizza Delivery Drone

Domino's has been conducting tests in New Zealand, the UK and Greece to make sure the delivery is safe, hot, fresh, and most importantly to the right address. Look to the future for a U.S. drone delivery near you.

2.  Pizza Vending Machines

The Let's Pizza vending machine offers four varieties of pizza pies. It preps the pie and bakes it in a 380 degree oven, delivering your pizza in three minutes. Pizza vending machines are popping up in college campuses and food courts all over the country.

3.  Fast Casual Restaurants

Just like the Ford assembly line changed the car industry, “fast casual" restaurants, like Fired Pie are getting you in and out during your lunch break. Faster service means lower cost for better ingredients. You can't beat that!

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