Food Trivia: 11 Fun Facts About Hot Dogs

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Meredith Witthar Posted: 11:01 PM, Jul 11, 2016

July is National Hot Dog month so Bradley Hasemeyer found eleven fun facts about America’s favorite cooked sausage… The hot dog!

7,000,000,000 hot dogs will be consumed during peak wiener season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. That’s enough to stretch from sea to shining sea, and back, almost 150 times!

2,000,000 of the legendary Chicago dogs are purchased every year at O'Hare Airport. Whether it's their last taste of the Windy City, or their first, visitors at O'Hare polish off six times as many hot dogs as travelers going through the Los Angeles airport, and LaGuardia Airport in New York combined.   

20,000,000, that's about how many hot dogs are eaten every year at Major League Baseball games. Dodger fans eat the most, about 3 million per season.

The Sixth Sense actor, Bruce Willis, proposed to Demi Moore at Pink's Hot Dog Stand in Hollywood.

150 is how many calories a normal sized beef hot dog has. That’s about half the amount of a hamburger, so if you go to a cookout, think of a hot dog as the healthy, prudent choice!

60% of people surveyed, mostly older consumers, prefer all beef hot dogs. Younger consumers are more likely to go with pork, chicken, and veggie dogs.

5 are how many bites the Hot Dog Council says it should take to finish off one of the meaty treats. For a foot-long, 7 bites are acceptable.

3 pieces of hot dog etiquette from these same folks, don't serve a hot dog on fancy china, only put toppings on the meat, in other words “dress the dog, not the bun”.

Don't use ketchup on your hot dog after the age of 18.

2 hot dogs or 2 hot legs? That's the question this quiz on the website Tumbler asked.

6.9 million is how many times Heinz's wiener stampede Super Bowl commercial was watched on YouTube.

That’s a frank look at hot dogs!

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