Food TV: 3 Best Online Cooking Shows to Watch

By: Jared Cotter Posted: 8:05 PM, Feb 9, 2018

In the age of Instagram and food porn, the food TV industry has risen like a loaf of organic, fair trade, Brooklyn-baked flax bread. In short: move over, Rachel Ray! Millennials are serving up a new generation of food TV – and you don't even need a cable box to watch. Here are three online cooking shows guaranteed to make you salivate.

1. Genius Kitchen

First on our list in Genius Kitchen, a network focusing on accessible, photographable food stuffs. Formerly known as, this millennial-centric network has its audience learning basic recipes that are anything but basic. This digital hub has been heating up the web with recipes like Deep Dish Taco Pizza, and shows like Feast with Friends. We’re bookmarking this site as we speak!

2. Kin Community

Next, Kin Community offers lifestyle videos from a cornucopia of contributors. Whether it's cooking up some wings, or getting ready for a party, this site knows how to captivate an audience! Case in point: Kin Community clocks in with 8.1 million YouTube followers – 70% of which are millennials!

3. Nerdy Nummies

Our last show takes making sweet treats to the next level…and then the next level after that. Meet Rosanna Pansino, the host of Nerdy Nummies. Her YouTube channel has almost ten million subscribers. And why not? With far out delights like galaxy and unicorn-inspired cakes, it’s no surprise that homegirl has gone gangbusters. Ro's skills have even landed her on-screen and in print, too. We love her hustle!

Food TV ain't what it used to be! These are three digital destinations that have us logging in and digging in.

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