Foods That Reduce Anxiety & Stress – & Increase Energy!

By: Lindsey Granger | Victor Padilla Posted: 9:12 AM, Apr 26, 2019 Updated: 9:52 AM, Apr 29, 2019

Foods not only fuel your body – they can also impact your mind. Nutritionist Jolene Goring is showing us a few foods that reduce anxiety, stress, and increase energy!


1. Foods That Reduce Anxiety


Let’s start with two foods that reduce anxiety: mushrooms and spinach.  “They are both really high in a minerals called selenium,” explains Jolene. “It’s a trace mineral and it helps with anxiety.” So how much of it should you eat in order to reduce anxiety? “Basically, if you add a handful of each of these into your diet a couple times a week, you could notice that your anxiety is starting to decrease,” says Jolene. She also says many unhealthy foods add acidity to your body – and these veggies help add alkaline, which experts say cleanses your body and will potentially help reduce anxiety.


2. Foods That Increase Energy


Next up are foods that increase energy. You might notice that you’ll start your day with loads of energy – but then by noon you start to crash! To help keep up your energy running all day long, Jolene says grab a banana. Bananas help to boost energy,” informs Jolene. “They have nutrients and vitamins, B6, and potassium [which] are known to give you that energy boost to get you through the day.”


You can also try beets! “Beets are known to contain a nutrient called nitrates,” offers Jolene. “Now, what that nutrient does is it helps to increase your blood flow. If you think about it –when blood is flowing better through your body, you’ll have more oxygen in your tissues, more nutrients, and you’ll have a really big boost of energy.”


3. Foods That Reduce Stress


And finally, foods that reduce stress! “Stress is huge in most people’s lives and there are definitely a couple foods you can eat to reduce that stress,” shares Jolene. “One of my favorites is blueberries. They are full of nutrients and antioxidants that are known to help boost up your immunity and help your body fight off that stress.”


Jolene says another stress-fighting food are pistachios! “Even though they’re fun to eat, that will help decrease the stress as well,” she adds. “So when you think about it – the hand to mouth repetitive motion will help reduce your stress as well.” This means just opening the actual pistachio will help you relax!


Are your mouths watering yet? Now you’ve got three ways to eat food that make you feel better.


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