Foods You Can Freeze: 3 Foods You Can Throw in the Freezer

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By: Rossi Ramirez | Victor Padilla | Teresa Strasser Posted: 1:23 PM, Jun 9, 2020 Updated: 3:41 PM, Jun 9, 2020

We all use our freezer to store items like meat and frozen fruit. But sometimes we buy foods that might make you wonder, “Can you freeze it?” The List spoke to registered dietitian Rachel Masser who lists three surprising foods you can freeze and use later on.


1. Avocado


First on our list of foods you can freeze is the avocado. “Avocado actually lasts from six to nine months in the freezer,” says Rachel. The easiest way to store this fruit is to puree or mash it, then place into ice cube trays or freezer bags. “Freezing will actually help to stop the process of degradation,” adds Rachel. The dietitian says it’s also important to freeze an avocado at its peak freshness, as this will help maintain the quality and nutritive value. Keep in mind that the texture might not be the same, but there are other ways to use this fruit. “Whenever we’re using avocado from […] a thawed state, it’s more for like dressings or if you want to put it in your smoothie or make guacamole,” Rachel tell us. Make sure you peel off the outer skin of the avocado before freezing. And a final pro tip you can try: reduce browning by brushing lemon juice or vinegar onto the flesh of the fruit!


2. Eggs


Yep, eggs are also one of the many foods you can freeze, but with a word of caution. “Eggs, if we’re going to freeze those, we don’t ever want to freeze them in the shell,” warns Rachel, as this can cause the egg to expand and break. Instead, crack them open and whisk the yolk and egg white together. “Per cup of eggs, adding like around a tablespoon of either salt or sugar will help it from forming this gelatinous type structure,” suggests Rachel. Eggs can last up to a year in the freezer if stored properly. Our expert recommends pouring the whisked eggs into ice cube trays or a freezer bag.  “Freezer bags have an additional additive to them to help them from becoming brittle,” she advises. When you’re ready to thaw the eggs,  here’s what Rachel says to do: “I would say to put those in the refrigerator overnight or at least for a few hours before…Then you pull one out; you know you’re going to need one for your blueberry muffins, or just scramble them.” Sounds egg-cellent to us!


3. Onions


Topping off our list of foods you can freeze: onions! “I think the big takeaway is that you’re not going to probably use a lot of them in a fresh state after they’ve been frozen, and it’s more going to be a part of a soup or stew,” offers Rachel. Onions can last in the freezer for up to six to eight months, but it’s important to blanche an onion to avoid a mushy texture when thawed. “Blanching is where you have a pot of water and it’s boiling, and you throw them in for say like 30 seconds and then strain it,” explains Rachel. “Then put them in some sort of ice bath to slow down that cooking process.” This prevents the onions from turning brown. Other vegetables you can blanche and freeze include green beans, spinach, kale and carrots!


Craving leftovers yet? Now you know how to make most out of your freezer with three surprising foods you can freeze.