For the Win: 3 ways to hack your favorite childhood games

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:43 PM, Mar 23, 2017

Are you bad at darts? Like really bad at darts? Well, your new secret weapon has arrived in the form of a target you can't miss. Don't believe us? Check out Youtuber Mark Rober who says he may not be great at darts, but he's great at engineering, which means he's really good at darts:

Rober worked at NASA for 9 years and, surely, used his space smarts to make this dart board which he worked on for more than three years. Rober explains that when you throw the dart at the board, a motion capture system tracks the dart in the air, and he used those dart positions to predict where the dart would land using regression analysis…we know, lots of big words. All you need to know? You'll go from dart dud to dart stud.

And Rober is no novice when it comes to making cool things cooler with engineering. Check out these other three Rober mods that are hacking some of your favorite childhood pastimes.

1. World's Largest Nerf Gun

"It's Nerf or nothin'" and there'll be nothin' stopping you from kicking major tail at your next Nerf gun fight. See what happens when Rober and a few friends take your childhood foam blaster from kiddie sized to Rambo sized.

2. Snowball Machine Gun

Are you always getting pelted with snowballs during snowball fights? Take your snowball arsenal to the next level with Rober's snowball machine gun that fires 13 snowballs in .5 seconds. "Snow-one" will want to take you on when you've got one of these babies…get it? "Snow-one."

3. Pinewood Derby Car Hack

Using his science smarts, Rober teaches us 7 simple steps you can use to make a Pinewood Derby car that will zoom right past the competition by more than 2 car lengths! Take that, kids!

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