Forget Retail: How You Can Get Paid with a Resale Side Gig

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 5:07 PM, Dec 8, 2017

Looking for a side hustle to fill your wallet when you aren't at the office? You might want to head to the clearance section at your favorite store. The business of buying low priced items in store – and reselling them for a profit online – is lucrative and booming. So, Jared Cotter went shopping with resell businessman, Ryan Grant, to show you how to make bank by buying, flipping, and selling just about anything.

Step 1: Make it Official

To get started on your reseller journey, download and sign up with Amazon Reseller. This way, you can analyze your sales, fulfill orders, and find more products to sell, all in one place.

You'll also be able scan products you're shopping for with your smartphone, and see how much their going for on Amazon, to help you set your prices.

Step 2: Hit the Stores

Once you've got the app, you're ready to start searching for items to fill your shop with. When you head to the store, look through every section to find tags that mark a low price and items you know people would want to buy.

When you find the right item, take out your phone, and scan the product's barcode. The app will do its magic and show you how much that item is going for on Amazon, so you can see how much profit you can make, even after any Amazon fees.

Step 3: Get to Sellin'

Once you leave the store with your low-priced prizes, you're ready to start postin', packin', shippin', and gettin' paid. When you're ready to start selling, create listings for the items you bought in your Amazon store; then wait for the buyers to roll in and buy your stuff. 

When someone does buy one of your items, get ready to pack and ship. But don't worry about losing profits on mailing your items. Amazon will help with shipping costs, and pay you back, once your buyer gets their order.

To learn more about how you can start making cash by reselling online, visit Ryan's website:

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