Free Activities Across America: 3 Fun Things to Do That Won’t Break the Bank

Across America
By: Meredith Witthar | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 9:35 AM, Sep 7, 2018

Free activities that are fun, entertaining and educational? How can it get better than that? If you love outdoor adventures that will expand your family’s horizons without shrinking your wallet, we have your back. The List is here to bring you a list of three outdoor adventures that will keep your account full and the kids happy.  

1. Vortex – Sedona, AZ  

There are tons of free activities available to you in Sedona, Arizona, but our favorite has to be the Vortex. We hiked to the top of the Airport Mesa Vortex with Pete Sanders, author of Scientific Vortex Information, to learn why people from all over the world visit this site. “It makes it easier to do stress reduction, prayer, mind-body healing, new discovery of purpose of greater connection with whatever your faith is,” Sanders says. “It’s like adjusting a radio to the right frequency. You feel the weight coming off your shoulders, and start thinking more clearly.” 

You can relax or meditate but no matter what you feel, it’s impossible not to enjoy the beautiful view. 

2. Garden of the Gods – Colorado Springs, CO 

Next on our list, we’ll head to Colorado Springs to visit the Garden of the Gods. Admission to the park and the Nature Center is free, and you can hike, bike and hopefully see some wildlife.  

3. Disney Springs – Orlando, FL 

Last in our list of free activities is Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida. That’s right. There’s actually a place is Disney where you can do things for free. There’s no ticket required to walk around, people watch and maybe even get a photo-op. 

So, there you have it. Planning your next adventure shouldn’t make your wallet tremble. These free activities are guaranteed fun for the entire family.  






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