Free Flu Shots: 7 Places Offering No-Cost Flu Shots

By: Victor Padilla Posted: 3:06 PM, Oct 3, 2018 Updated: 1:29 PM, Oct 2, 2019

Looking for free flu shots? Then keep reading! PopSugar rounded up a list of stores offering free flu vaccinations, and we’re highlighting some of our favorite ones.


1. CVS


If you’ve got medical insurance, head down to CVS where customers can get free flu shots under most plans. The pharmacy offers vaccines at nearly 11,000 locations, and select stores will even give you a $5 off $25 purchase offer when you get a flu shot. You can also find CVS pharmacies and MinuteClinics inside Target stores!


2. Walgreens/Duane Reade


Next on our list are Walgreens and Duane Reade, which provide free flu shots under most insurance policies. The stores offer four-strain vaccinations for anyone 6 months and older, and immune-boosting vaccines for patrons aged 65 and above. Click here to schedule an appointment, and here to find a location near you.


3. Rite Aid


Not only does Rite Aid provide free flu shots under most insurance policies – they also offer a free immunization evaluation! That’s right. Take Rite Aid’s online questionnaire here to instantly find out which immunizations you may need.


4. Wal Mart


Wal Mart offers just about anything nowadays – including no-cost flu shots under most medical plans. But don’t just save money – save time by filling out your vaccine consent form here before your visit.


5. Costco


Most of us know Costco as a bulk warehouse chain, but they also offer free flu shots under most insurances. They also let you walk in at any time with no appointment necessary. And you don’t even need a membership to get your immunization! Don’t forget to read our article on more things you can buy at Costco with a membership.

6. Sam’s Club


Another place offering free flu shots? Sam’s Club, which provides immunization with $0 copay under most insurance policies. The retailer also provides vaccinations against the shingles, pneumonia, HPV, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis, Td, Tdap, and Meningitis.


7. Free Flu Shots at Stop & Shop


Last on our list of stores offering free flu shots? Stop & Shop, which provides no-cost immunizations under most insurance policies. No appointment is necessary, so walk-ins are totally welcome! Visit their website to find a store near you.


If you’re looking for free flu shots, now you know of seven places to offering no-cost immunization under most insurance plans.