Free Game Apps: The 3 Best App Games to Play with Friends

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By: Lindsey Granger | Victor Padilla Posted: 9:27 AM, Apr 22, 2019

Free game apps have drawn massive followings in recent years because they’re addicting, fun and keep you on your toes. Get your thumbs ready, because we’ve rounded up three of the best app games to play with friends.


1. Steph IQ


Let’s kick off our list of free game apps with Steph IQ. Not only is it one of the best best app games to play with friends but it also pairs perfectly with the NBA playoffs, or any time of year. This basketball trivia app is powered by Under Armour and the rules are simple: the game show clock starts ticking as soon as Steph hits a three-point shot during each Warriors playoff game. The multiple-choice questions change every day, and if you get one wrong – you’re out! Winners receive prizes like a signature NBA shoe, playoff tickets, and other Under Armour gear.


2. QuizUp


Let’s continue our roundup of free game apps with one you’ll soon be addicted to: QuizUp. The app pits you up against a friend or random opponent who shares your interests. Then you can find out once and for all who really knows the most about that subject. You can pick from about 150 different topics, like quizzes about your favorite pop star. And although you don’t win any money or cool gear with this app, you do win bragging rights! You’ll want to add this to your list of best app games to play with friends ASAP.


3. Psych!


And finally, we couldn’t make a list of free game apps without mentioning this one by gaming queen Ellen DeGeneres: Psych! “It’s so much fun,” says the comedienne and talk show host. “You play it with your friends, in person, in the same room – and you all have a phone and you make up fake answers to real trivia, and then you have to guess what the real answer is.” You can choose from a variety of categories and gain points for guessing the real answer among your friends’ fakes. You also gain points for every player you psych into choosing your wrong answer!  And if you want to up the ante, try the “truth comes out” deck – a trivia match to see how much you really know about your friends.


Feeling competitive yet?! Now you know about three of the best free game apps to play with your friends.


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